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This is perfect. 

I absolutely adore Mycroft. God. Just the entire relationship between Sherlock and Mycroft — it’s like he almost wishes he didn’t care, but he does and it really won’t fucking stop any time soon. He’s already admitted, in so many ways, that he cares about Sherlock — because he is Sherlock Holmes’ Big Brother.

He watched that smart little shit grow up. He probably watched Sherlock pretend to be a pirate. He probably cleaned up a scrape or two because Sherlock didn’t always have that grace. He probably answered any and all questions Sherlock asked him until the point where Sherlock sought out the answers himself. He probably had to guide his socially awkward brother through situations during the years when Sherlock couldn’t do it himself. He was the role model. And he watched out for, and continues to watch out for, the baby brother that tries to push him away because little siblings seriously never seem to think they need it or that they’re too old for it — jesus fucking christ

They’ve got this whole ‘we’re really bad siblings john trust us we hate each other’ thing going on — but when it comes down to it, Mycroft Holmes can try to pull whatever BS he wants about his concern being because he wouldn’t want to upset Mummy, but he fucking loves his annoying little brother. 

(And I don’t know if I’m just projecting my own relationship with my brother onto the Holmes — yes I’m aware they’re not exactly normal — but I think it’s the same at the core. I absolutely detest my older brother sometimes, because I think he’s a complete asshole that used to steal shit from my room — but if I ever really needed him, like really needed him, he’d be there for me. Just like the hospital. Even if Sherlock left, Mycroft was there. He would’ve been there, just like he probably was, years before when something troubled a younger, John-less, not so independent Sherlock Holmes.)

I love how Mycroft constantly goes to John, though. John is his inside correspondence. His direct link to Sherlock even when Sherlock tries to sever ties — because John is the tie he won’t/can’t cut. And I like to think that the way Mycroft and John develop throughout the series is that Mycroft starts to put more and more faith and trust in John to take care of his brother like Mycroft would. 

Because it starts off with ‘hey, I’ll give you this much money to tell me what he’s up to sometimes’ to ‘the girl he may have feelings for is dead. what should we do?’ and it’s really lovely because Mycroft now feels he has to ask John — who’s starting to become someone who knows Sherlock just as much as he does, if not more — for advice on what they should do for Sherlock. Because John seems to understand Sherlock more, seems to know what he feels or thinks that Mycroft has lost the ability to do so with time and distance.

Sorry. Mycroft feels.

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