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Disney ruins a teenage girl’s dreams of being Tinkerbell

So this girl wanted to make her boyfriend’s first trip to Disney World special, so she made a Peter Pan costume for him and a Tinkerbell costume for herself, and then while they were walking around the park, Disney told them they had to change because they’ve got a rule that no one can be dressed as Disney characters. YOU MADE HER CRY.


I feel bad that she couldn’t wear her costume but I completely agree with the park’s rules and regs

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    What an immature little brat. It takes all of ten seconds to contact the park, or check the website, and see that it’s...
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    Howsabout calling Disney World first and make sure showing up on a day that isn’t Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween day...
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    She was so sad she took a photo of herself crying. Because thats what you do when your upset, clearly. She should have...
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    *sigh* Disney
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